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An online B2B event, aimed at GOTS certified businesses and other natural textile businesses, students, retailers in the UK.

GOTS & OTB Forum: Fighting greenwashing in textiles together

Join GOTS and OTB, together with the brands involved in the first UK Organic Textile Awareness Week campaign, in this online forum to discuss the issues of greenwashing in textiles and how we can fight it. Together.


Speakers on the panel are:

  • Cristina Dimetto, OTB 

  • Christopher Stopes, GOTS Representative UK

  • Lori Wyman, GOTS Rep US, Canada and Mexico

  • Lucy Todd, Founder of My Little Green Wardrobe

  • Susie Hewson, Founder of Natracare

Register for the Event on Eventbright.

We will be sharing the results of a recent consumer survey conducted on consumer’s awareness on genuine organic textiles, how they would react if they discovered they were being misled by a brand, and more.


As a panel and through a Q&A session, we will discuss how we can work together as a united industry to raise awareness on certified organic textiles and fight greenwashing. 

This event will take place on the first day of Organic Textile Awareness Week, a campaign launched by the Organic Trade Board / Organic UK in collaboration with GOTS and with the participation of Bamford, de Le Cuona, Greenfibres, My Little Green Wardrobe, Natracare, Organyc and People Tree. 

Open to certified and non-certified organisations working in textile.


Lucy Todd

Lucy Todd is the owner and founder of My Little Green Wardrobe - an online store for organic and ethical children’s clothing. Prior to that she was a BBC journalist for 15 years. My Little Green Wardrobe offers a curated collection of ethical clothing so busy parents can shop sustainably for kids aged 0-12yrs. 


Christopher Stopes 

Christopher works as UK Representative for the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), supporting businesses going for GOTS. He also serves as GOTS Representative to the EU on organic textile policy and regulatory issues. He is past President of IFOAM - Organics Europe. 


Lori Wyman 

Lori Wyman is the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Representative for North America. GOTS is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers, including ecological and social criteria. Previously, she conducted organic, sustainable, and social compliance audits on both farms and factories nationally and internationally on every step of the organic food and textile supply chain from the farm level to finished product.

Susie Hewson - Natracare-34.jpg

Susie Hewson 

Susie Hewson is the founder and owner of Natracare – a pioneer and disruptor, whose campaign back in 1989, led to the development of the world’s first brand of organic and natural period products.

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